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PoKiT Pillow

Gold Flex Travel Pillow

Gold Flex Travel Pillow

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The Gold Flex Design Travel Pillow

The PoKiT pillow softly but securely cushions the space between your knees, supporting your spine and hips for correct pelvic alignment.

  • Takes the pressure off while travelling so your neck can take some rest while you enjoying your view.
  • Fast-acting back pain relief, plus support for sciatica, knee pain, and arthritis
  • Stays firmly in place between your knees so you get a full night’s benefit

The perfect travel companion for those who value comfort and convenience.

This Best Travel Pillow is designed to be compact and lightweight, making Travel Neck Pillow easy to carry on your travels. Made of high-quality memory foam, Travel Neck Pillow provides excellent support to your neck and head, ensuring that you get a good night's sleep even on long flights or bus rides.

The Orthopedic Pillow comes with a convenient storage pouch that can be attached to your backpack or luggage, ensuring that you never lose it. With Best Travel Pillow bright orange color, the Pokit Pillow is easy to spot and adds a pop of color to your travel gear.

PoKiT Pillow is made with Kona Cotton Fabric. This hypoallergenic allows PoKiT Pillow to stay cool on skin and reduce irritation on long trips.

The Foam Insert is customized for one size fit all and keeps its shape for as long as 4-5 years. You can not wash the Foam. You can Replace the Foam by ordering another for keeps sake. 

The Nylon Strap is strong enough to hole up at least 70LBs of weight. Including the backpack clip to help the performance of secure travel. Best Lumbar Support Pillow. 

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